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Another satisfied customer says:

we have really enjoyed working with Built Wright Homes and Lynn. Good communication, professional from the beginning through the end, and honest. My degree is in structural engineering and after our initial consultation to discuss repair work from hail damage, I felt confident using them for our repairs. I liked their attention to detail, knowledge of materials & valuable experience working with insurance companies. All this made it easy to work with throughout the entire process. They have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and seem to have a streamlined process. Lynn off the top of his head knew how several small and large insurance companies each did their estimates and payouts for repairs. I was really put at ease with this aspect.

We signed a contract in the fall and agreed to wait until the spring to have the repairs done on the roof due to the dropping temperatures. When spring time came around, Lynn was very responsive about the timeline and even met the deadline that we had with selling our home! Both the crews for the roof and the siding were impressive. The roofing crew came at 8 AM and were completely DONE by 11 AM. The siding crew were very respectful and let us know their timeline and even fixed a gap (from the old siding) that we had above the door before I even got around to asking about it. We are happy with the work & would definitely recommend to others.





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