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Built Wright Homes & Roofing, Inc. in Lincoln, NE is Rated one of the

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Lincoln Nebraska's #1 Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor in Lincoln, Nebraska

Built Wright Homes and Roofing is a Roofing Contractor in Lincoln, Nebraska. We install all types of roofs, from Asphalt Shingles to Rubber Roofing, we got you covered. We are a top-rated contractor who can take on and complete any size job.

Built Wright Homes specializes in Hail Damage Restoration. With the 20+ years of combined experience in the construction industry, and working on insurance claims, we have fine-tuned our process to perfection. We want to make everything easy for you and we are more than happy to help take a load off your shoulders.

During our time in business, we have made strong connections with many companies around. All our Team Members are knowledgeable about almost any product out there. We can show you, with our professional opinion, what the best choices are for roofing products on the market today. With the extreme hot and cold weather, you get expansion and contraction, and not all products are rated well for our conditions.

Superior Customer Service

You’ll have access to some of our experienced team members with Roofing, Siding and Gutters. These highly skilled individuals have been with us for over 10 years and are the best at what they do. We strive to provide our customers with the very best in product, price, workmanship, and customer service. For us, it’s a privilege and an honor for you to trust our experts with all your projects. We offer all of our customers our Personal 5-Star-Pledge. Give us a call today at 402-803-1121 to find out more about us, and why you should be confident in choosing us as your Contractor.

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A well-designed roof keeps water from entering your home and transports rainwater to the roof’s edge. From there, a quality guttering system finishes the job by conducting the water down and away from vulnerable areas. Without gutters, water spilling off the roof will cause damage to siding, windows, doors, landscaping, concrete and masonry, and the foundation of your home. Water pooling around your home’s foundation can stain walls, rot wood framing, flood the basement and even crack a cement foundation.

As exterior cladding, siding does a lot to boost the form and function of your home. Depending on your choice, you can choose a range of styles or go with a modern look, all while improving energy efficiency for your property to reduce heating and cooling costs and potentially lower your energy bill and even earn a tax credit for energy-efficient products.

Weather can have an effect on your paint.  In time with all the element, it may start to chip and flake.  Built Wright Homes can help assist you in your interior or exterior paint project.

If you are looking for the maintenance free option for the exterior of your home, add some pre-painted soffit, fascia or trim to your home. 

Do you have older windows in your home you need to replace?  We have many options for windows and we will come to your home to measure for a proper fit. 

If you need emergency repair services we are only a phone call away!  If the job is easy, we can get it done right away. We can also help you with emergency tarping until the proper fix can be done.

Built Wright Homes build new houses, start to finish if you provide us the building lot.  Give us a call and lets talk about your options.

A properly functioning gutter and downspout system is essential to prevent water from entering your home and causing flooding and structural damage. Gutters and downspouts must be the right size to accommodate large volumes of water without filling up and overflowing, all while looking proportional to your home. Our roofing systems include a seamless gutter system that is properly designed, fabricated, and installed to provide the necessary capacity to handle almost any amount of runoff.

Lead abatement is an activity designed to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards. Abatement is sometimes ordered by a state or local government, and can involve specialized techniques not typical of most residential contractors.  We are an EPA Certified Company.

Roof leak, siding leak or gas leak we can help find the problem and get the help you need.

Some Of Our Recent Work

What Our Clients Are Saying:

B. Krugg
Read More
Did such an amazing job on our home!! Would highly recommend them!
John F.
Read More
Professional. Followed through on everything they promised. Great company
L. LaGree
Read More
We had two hail storms come through pretty much back to back and hired Built Wright Homes to take care of the repairs. Jason DeBold took care of all of the things, including any questions with insurance and all of that! The roofing crew was very quick and the siding crew also was quick and did a great job! They even wrapped the house to avoid more damage before winter since we had to wait until the following spring to get the repairs completed!
K. Defuentes
Read More
Thank you thank you for dealing with our insurance and getting our roof up!!! We love it!!!
C. Otte
Read More
Jason DeBold has taken good care of me, going above and beyond what was agreed upon. He is easy to reach at any time and quick to address any issues that have come up along the way. Joe has also stepped up and gotten things done for me. These guys are awesome and I appreciate their hard work so much!
Sherrie M.
Read More
Thank you for all you have done getting my home smiling again! I appreciate you all!
Carol J.
Read More
Great experience working with the Built Wright crew. Kind workers, always cleaned up the work area. A+ service.
A. Blauert
Read More
Jason Debold and the team were amazing, and we recommend them to everyone! Our roofs look amazing!! They cleaned up their mess and worked quick, even in unforeseen circumstances. Their services were affordable and we never felt pressured to do business with them. Jason worked relentlessly to make sure we had what we wanted and was always available for questions. We can't say enough good things about Jason and the crew!!
C. Myers
Read More
Highly recommend Built Wright. Very Customer oriented, stays in contact with customer before, while and after work is being completed. Pays great attention to detail, and delivers above and beyond what they promise. We had siding, door, and gutters installed following hail storm. Kolin worked with our insurance company to get what we needed.
M. Mercer
Read More
They did my roofs, gutters, window wraps, window screens and painted my fence. Very pleased with the professionalism and their work. I also greatly appreciated their help with my insurance adjuster. I would highly recommend these guys.
G. Johnson
Read More
Really happy with the siding job done by Built Wright on my house, it looks great! Had a few problems with loose siding after completion, but they made sure to get it completely fixed before the last payment was made, very professional!
D. Hollingshead
Read More
Nick and the BW crew were fantastic! The roof installation began ten days after giving the go-ahead which, with material and labor shortages as well as supply chain issues, was phenomenal. It is a very large roof with lots of pitches, and the original material was shake shingle (very labor intensive to remove), yet the crew had this completed in about one day! I expected a full two days even with the large crew, but they hustled. The roof looks great, and their price was better than most competitors (over 20% lower than one, and with superior shingles). They even took the extra step and bought paint to match my exterior to cover where the drip edge did not meet. On such a large investment, this may not seem like much but the extra effort is noticed and appreciated! There are many contractors who would take the quart or gallon of paint onto the invoice plus labor and mark-up. BW did not. 10/10 I would recommend!
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Platinum Preferred Contractor

Built Wright Homes & Roofing Inc is a widely-known Owens Corning Preferred Platinum General Contractor. We offer services to both Residential and Commercial Customers in Nebraska.

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Roof Inspections



Roof Inspections

If you need a Roof Inspection call us at Built Wright Homes & Roofing!  We have over 20 years of combined experience inspecting roofs and this is what we do for a living.  Our knowledgeable staff all know what to look for and will give you an honest unbiased professional inspection and will let you know what the next step should be depending on their findings.  You will get pictures of problem areas that will help you make your decision.



Roof Repairs

After a Roof Inspection, you may need a Roof Repair.  Just so you know, we can help with that.  Some roof repairs can be as simple as sealing shingles, replacing flashing, or replacing a portion of the roof so it is done correctly.   

Roof Replacement - Built Wright Homes & Roofing Photos



Roof  Replacement

The next option would be a Roof Replacement.  Each job is different but normally this would include taking the old materials off to bare wood and reinstalling the new roof per national building and local building codes.  There is a lot more to replacing a roof than most people know.  You have to make sure you have proper ventilation and many more calculations need to be done for a properly functioning ventilation system that will increase your roof’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we are talking about asphalt shingles, there are many different manufactures of shingles with their warranty being between 20 years being on the low end to 50 year shingles.

Most homeowners insurance policies cover roof replacement if the damage is the result of an act of nature or sudden accidental event.

Most the time when a roof is leaking it can be fixed but it will also depend on the age and its current condition.

The cost of a roof will depend on the size of your roof, how steep it is and if there is a lot of valleys.  Its best to give us a call and we can do an aerial view of the house to help determine the cost.

A typical Asphalt Shingle roof installation on a standard house only takes a few days with the large crews we have.  If you want metal to be installed it could take a few weeks.

Some of the signs of a failing roof is missing or loose shingles, shingles curling or blistering or a lot of granules missing.

To file an insurance claim you call your insurance company and let them know you may have damage.  They will send someone out to inspect your property.

It is best to have a knowledgeable contractor who knows how to work with insurance to assist with your claim.  They will work for you to help you get what you deserve.

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