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“Not a Shingle Mistake”

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Storm Damage Repair

Rainstorm over Grassy field

Sometimes Mother Nature can come out of nowhere. If this has happened to you and your home, have no fear: Built Wright Homes & Roofing, Inc. can help get your property back to the condition it was in prior to the storm.

Built Wright Homes & Roofing, Inc. is a national roofing contractor with multiple locations nationwide. Our locations are locally owned and operated, but have access to additional manpower and equipment to provide quick service even when damage is widespread.

We offer a complete range of commercial and residential contractor services, specializing in roof repair, roof replacement, siding, gutters, soffit, fascia, window, and all storm and hail damage repair.

Our estimators are experienced in all aspects of construction and can assess all problems caused by severe weather such as hail and high winds. We will conduct a free, no-obligation, inspection to determine the extent of the damage. Often times it takes the keen eye and experience of a professional and licensed contractor to identify and evaluate the damage caused by severe weather.

If there is a dispute in your claim, we can provide our professional opinion as to the current condition of your roof and an estimate for the repairs that we recommend; however, this does not guarantee any certain outcome as your insurance company’s adjuster will review your claim and make the final decision.

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Reporting a Loss

hail damage repair

Don’t be shy about calling your agent and telling him/her that you may have damage — chances are the company will have adjusters in the area anyway. You can even file your claim online!

After you make the call make a list of all the damage you have noticed. Some of the things to inspect and look for are dents in the gutter, bent fins on the air conditioner, dented roof vents and pipe caps, dents in window wraps and facia, damaged lawn furniture, and flower pots. Roof damage is about the only thing that can’t be assessed from the ground, just because the damage is not visible does not mean that the damage is not there, and extensive.

The one place to look is at the end of downspouts, look for small pieces of roofing and granules. Also inspect your vehicles, any storm that causes vehicle damage usually causes roof damage. After you have made your inspection make sure you are home when the adjuster comes and call his attention to the things you have noted.

If you feel more comfortable having a contractor there when the adjuster comes, chances are the whole process can be simplified, and repairs can begin sooner.

Feel free to contact us at BWHR for a free inspection, and free advice on how to move forward. Our low-pressure advice and inspections are something you can count on!

Insurance Adjusters

The duty of an insurance adjuster is to give you an accurate accounting of everything that was damaged by the storm and a written estimate of what it will cost to put your property back to the condition it was in prior to the storm. Remember, this is only an estimate and actual costs may vary due to region and details of current materials. This can usually be resolved between the adjuster and the contractor. Depending on your policy the adjuster and contractor can assess your property and discuss the damage. The adjuster will either leave you a statement of loss or you will receive it in the mail in a few days. The statement of loss will itemize your losses and the estimated cost of repair for each item.

Most homeowner policies are replacement costs. The loss statement will reflect the replacement cost value (RCV), the depreciation, and the actual cash value(ACV) of your loss. The (ACV) column of the statement will reflect the amount of your first check minus your deductible. The depreciation column should be called the deferred column as it reflects the money held back by the insurance company until the work is complete and an invoice is submitted by the contractor for payment. This dollar amount withheld is based on the age and condition of the current products installed on the home. The insurance company will then issue another check to you for the exact amount between the final bill, and (ACV) portion of your first check relating to that repair.

The (ACV) and the depreciation columns of your statement will total up to the (RCV) column of the statement. Insurance companies hold back money to track whether repairs are made and to ensure that they pay no more than the replacement cost of the damage. Most insurance companies send catastrophe teams into storm situations, and the adjusters come from all over the country to work the claims. Although most are well trained and experienced some are not and would not know hail damage if it hit them on the head. In any case, the adjusters are representing the insurance companies and it is the company’s interest they are hired to protect.

For that reason, they will tell you to get estimates to repair the damage, most will not tell you that you are spending your time shopping for the insurance company, as they have held out money as depreciation and will pay only the (RCV) for the repairs. Most homeowners spend lots of time getting estimates. BWHR is a contractor that you trust and will you good advice and direct you down the right road. The whole point of an insurance claim is to get the repairs done in a timely manner, use current market products, find a contractor you can trust who provides warranties, and ultimately eliminates your stress as your time is as just as important!

Built Wright Homes & Roofing, Inc. Estimators

Our estimators have all worked with numerous Insurance companies and adjusters prior to being called to your home. Most have a background in the roofing industry and have attended workshops in the insurance industry to make sure that we stay on top of our continuing education. All are well qualified to work with you during the process of an insurance claim. BWHR will guarantee your satisfaction from beginning to end while restoring your home to its glory!

Our estimators are also available to be your advocate, if needed, to help give you information about your project and what is required from a certified and licensed contractor. Sometimes, when requested, they will work hand in hand with your adjuster to get your repairs estimated properly according to the current Building Codes and Manufacturer’s Installation requirements. Since the insurance company has already deemed your property as needing items to be repaired due to a peril, please feel free to show BWHR your “Statement of Loss”. The most common problem we find while doing an inspection are roof measurements, building codes, and damage not caught by the naked eye. These are very common items to be missed during the adjuster’s inspections and need to be addressed.

Sometimes it is the adjuster that is wrong and sometimes it is us, but it is important that the adjusters’ measurements and materials that were damaged are close. Sharing the information on the statement with our estimators also ensures that you are getting a fair offer from the insurance company and that they are allowing you enough money to cover everything that needs to be done per the construction trades requirements and local building codes. Remember your adjuster may have been inexperienced and might have missed something on the statement-making your settlement lower than it should be so you will need to produce a certified contractor estimate for their review in this case.

If you are pleased with the information that a BWHR representative has given you, there is no reason not to sign the proposal, pick a shingle color, and get on our list. Time is of the essence in a situation like this and you won’t find a better company to deal with when you Choose BWHR for your construction needs.