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Tips and Tricks for Extending your Roof’s Lifespan

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The roof is one of the most important elements of your home, it protects the exterior, interior, and you- so take care of it! The average lifespan of your roof is typically 20-30 years, this time can either be shortened or lengthened depending on whether you decide to put a little extra maintenance into the upkeep! 

Here are a few tips you can utilize to extend the lifespan of your roof and keep it looking good as new.

  1. Clean your gutters!

Gutters are responsible for catching and guiding rainwater away from the foundation of the house and are crucial to the home’s well-being. It is completely normal for gutters to also trap leaves and other debris, but the build-up can be damaging to your roof. We recommend cleaning your gutters twice a year (once in the spring, and once in the fall) to keep your gutters ready to handle any and all rain that pours through. 

  1. Trim your trees!

While having trees close to your home can create an excellent privacy barrier they can cause more problems than they’re worth. Branches can easily be knocked down during storms and can cause immediate damage to your home, allowing easy access for squirrels and other critters to infiltrate your attic. To combat this you can stay vigilant on trimming back branches, it is recommended you cut them back a few feet to ensure they won’t cause problems during storms.

  1. Repair storm damage immediately

Some storm damage can be unavoidable, and it is important to stay vigilant in repairing your roof no matter how small the problem. The smallest holes in the exterior can grow to be a much bigger problem, they can let in water, critters, and debris that can break down the integrity of your structure. Making these small repairs now can save you thousands of dollars later on and extend the life of your roof. 

Worried about the current health of your roof? We offer free estimates for any and all roofing damage! Our estimators are experienced in all aspects of construction and can assess all problems caused by severe weather such as hail and high winds. We will conduct a free, no-obligation, inspection to determine the extent of the damage. Often times it takes the keen eye and experience of a professional and licensed contractor to identify and evaluate the damage caused by severe weather.

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